Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Return to Film

I have been able to spend some time after my return to work to catch up on some film watching.
I have managed to make it out to see 2 films/movies in recent weeks that I have enjoyed.

First up was Frost/Nixon the dramatised coverage of the famous David Frost interviews with Richard Nixon. I think this is my favourite ever Ron Howard movie as from the moment it opens it is compelling and engaging. Small side-stories are used to help establish character but are never dwelt upon too long (or too little). The film is edited well with interviews of the key supporting characters on both sides as well as the adversarial roles of Frost and Nixon themselves. The film maintains its pace through to its climax and you watch and listen to every minute.

Rockwell, Platt, Bacon and Macfadyen are all superb in the supporting roles on both side. Passionate, believable and on both sides angry. A great film.

Second up was Ghost Town marked as a romantic comedy. This is really a Ricky Gervais vehicle. He plays an extreme version of his self-centred, anti-people characters as a Dentist who is suddenly hassled by ghosts after an operation goes wrong. This film has great comedy moments. The end is predictable (But then when is a romantic comedy not predictable) but satisfying. Worthwhile for Gervais' performance alone.

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