Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tv on DVD Watching

Since we returned from holidays we have spent some time watching TV on DVD or via the Ipod plugged into the front of the DVD player.

Recently we have managed to cover
  • Rewatching all of Firefly and Serenity (The Feature length movie) - Joss Whedon is so fantastic - we cannot stop singing "A Man called Jayne". This show is fast paced and great fun (Shame Fox for axing it in the US)
  • First Viewing of Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog (See reference to Joss Whedon above) the web series - Clever and silly with singing.
  • First Viewing of Entourage Season 4 - what can I say as offensive as this show is (not just the swearing the behaviour of these boys/young men is shocking - I love Jeremy Priven's Ari as the most underhand agent in the business)
  • First Viewing of 30 Rock Season 2 - We had laughed our way through season 1 of this show, the characters are extreme caricatures but Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin pull this off, supported by a fabulous
  • First viewing of the first 4 Battlestar Episodes of the second half of Season 4 (The final) from the Ipod (purchased via Itunes). Whilst battlestar's religious overtones annoyed us the pace of this show is great. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out (oops must remember to buy the next episode - should be up now).
  • We have started rewatching Buffy - we are part way through season 2, the dialogue has speeded up, Angel is so young, Cordie and Xander are working through their love/hate relationship, Spike and Dru have been to town and Willow is with Oz. Again - this show is great fun.

What can I say lots and lots of knitting time in recent weeks.

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