Saturday, March 7, 2009

2009 Personal Sock Club #2 Progress Update

I have finished the first sock (after waiting until Wednesday to cast on). This pattern is gorgeous and looks fabulous in the Green/Blue yarn. I like how the pattern is easy to remember and easy to pick up again after putting it down.
Patterns, mathematics and inter-related systems are a big part of my job and everyday life. Whenever i pick up a new pattern my brain tries to work out what the next steps will be. Predicting the next row so i don't need the pattern and can do it by working it out.
This pattern is quick to work out and therefore easy to continue with when you have the pattern or not.
I may have forgot to mention that the end result is lovely flowing arcs and gaps.

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LynS said...

How beautiful and how speedy! I envy your capacity to predict and memorise patters and sequences. I think the amount of colour variation in this yarn suits the pattern really well. I know you don't usually see them, but the stripes on the sole of the socks are particularly pleasing.