Monday, March 16, 2009

Not personal Sock Club Socks! (Anniversary Socks)

So I have another sock club package to open in a couple of weeks so what do I do.
Start a scarf, another shawl, a bag...not me that would be variety and not a challenge.

No, I set myself the challenge of knitting not one, but 2, pairs of socks for our Anniversary.
Which is now exactly a month away tomorrow...No Pressure right!

Pattern: Anniversary Socks by Nanch Bush
Yarn: Wollmeise in Purples (for me) and Green (for him!)

The yarn is yummy and should encourage me to zip along with these.
Progress so Far: Wound balls and put into a zip lock bag, photographed, blogged and went back to the Icarus shawl.


Rose Red said...

Yum! Love love love those colours (I might have put the purple one in my sock club...can't wait to draw it out!)

I'm sure you can get those done in time!

jp said...

From the moment I got these yarns (they did come together) I knew I wanted to use them as an anniversary gift. Since that is in April the sock club left too much to chance.

They are both gorgeous, but the purple is so my colour.

I do have some knittery slim (aneroxic) sock in there to give me a purple fix as part of the Sock Club.

LynS said...

Oooh, I'm so envious of your capacity to set such ambitious goals - and achieve them. And the colours are beautiful. I've finally finished just ONE of my anorexic socks, but I'm sure you'll be much more efficient in finishing with this yarn when you reach it in the PSC.