Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things that have Amused me Recently

I am a long time sometime collector of Avantcards (the little advertising cards that they put in cafes, cinemas and other public places people gather).

I love the marriage of art and marketing that creates these. I adore a lot of the gorgeous photography and graphic art used.

Whenever I am in a coffee shop or cinema I find myself flicking through looking to be entertained. In the last week 2 have caught my eye mainly for the amusement value.

First up was an Ad for NAB's student banking...
In block White letters on a Purple Background you see

Second Up was the the ad for The White Lies on the front a brooding out of focus washed out colour photo of three brooding young men.

On the back the best Band PR I have ever read

Whitelies are the glowering, glistening, moody, magnificent
cheekbones-of-granite, stone cold future of rock.

Songs full of dark 80s dram and big, room-filling vocals, equal spades
of The Killers, Nick Cave and Joy Division overdosing on James Herbert
and Shakespearean Tradgedies.

I have yet to bring myself to listen to their music as I don't want to be disapointed.
Is this the case of the idea of something being better than the reality?

Link here -

On the knitting front I have cast on the first pair of the Anniversary socks (the yarn is very very dark and difficult to see in dim lighting). I have also done a bit more of Icarus.

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