Saturday, July 4, 2009

Chasing the Sunday Sun and Purple Roses

Earlier this week saw me making some knitting progress on the It Must Be Love 4ply jumper, finish turning the heel on the Swap socks...and signing up for the Tour de France KAL with the aim of finishing, or at least progressing, some of my WIP's.

So what is the first thing I do after that...cast on another project...The Purple Rose of Cairo (Ysolde's Rosered in Purple) insired by and being a bit. At this rate it is likely to be the first WIP finished for the TDF with only a few rows to complete.

Today saw me (and the cat) seeking out sunny protected spots away from the crisp wind to sit and contemplate the day and knitting. I am pretty sure she has been sleeping some too. A peaceful and productive day.


Rose Red said...

Nice!! Love the name too!

I'm a bit like your cat, sitting in the last rays of sunshine right now, with a rug on my lap!

missfee said...

love the kitten
and the hat - I too am inspired to cast one of these on....

dr k said...

oh nice rosepurple! looks very smooshy!