Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sundays - Knitting Plus

We are getting into a local routine on Sundays.
Up earlyish and coffee made by T (if we have milk) or a trip to the Servo and Tea, off to the markets then an afternoon pottering at home.

We headed off to the markets at ARC (today including a animal farm for the kids in addition to the pony rides and jumping castle). First up Coffee and food - we split up T queuing for Bacon and egg rolls, O for Gozleme and me for the coffee. We then spent some time wandering the stalls, Reverse Garbage and the Bower (reverse garbage has lot of rolls of material again). We then buy the Bagels and whatever vegies we fancy on the way out. O also bought an Aloe Vera plant and a pendant for birthday presents.

Home around 11:30am to get in some knitting. The "It Must Be Love" jumper is coming along nicely. I caked some yarn in preparation for knitting some socks.

After lunch some friends drop by for beer or tea and we have a bit of a chat, their Jack Russell goes and has adventures in our plants (the cat is safely ensconced in the bedroom!).

This afternoon I managed to finally cut out some material I got from Ikea to make up a Carry-all/Hobo style bag. I only have the interfacing to cut out. Some more knitting (a little work) should do me well.

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