Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunday - A Day of Rest?

Today i have been busier than planned but had a wonderfully relaxing day.

We woke latish this morning (still before nine) and T made me a coffee with the new coffee machine (yay!) we then watched Insiders for our weekly dose of Politics and news (Love ABC's Sunday morning program).

T then suggested we head to the Addison Road Community Centre Markets as it was such a stunning day. We walked down (about a 10-15 minutes stroll) and I thoroughly enjoyed the gardens we passed. We have some neighbours who have woven their recent cuttings through the fence and gate it looks Fantastic.

We walked past our old garden and grumbled as the new residents had pulled out a climber that was a gift to T (but we felt it wasn't right to uproot it). They have left the climbing rose my mother gave us in place. They have also taken care of my uncles's red roses out the front and my Blue Moon Rose bushes (We need to find ones for the new house) are doing quite well.

The markets have become bigger but I love that they are bustling and not super busy. A coffee, some fresh food to eat and we wandered. With Reverse Garbage and The Bower there is always something we bring home. Today we bought fresh bagels, spinach, a hammer and a Tapestry Floor Stand with tray ($6)! The range of food is increasing and the clothes, plants and other goods are stretching further than before.

On return home I intended to do some sewing but the lure of a Knitting meetup within walking distance and the gorgeous weather was too much to resist. I met up with some fellow Inner-west knitters at Miss Petty Cash in Victoria Road Marrickville (Opposite Enmore Park). Good company, good knitting and a special mention for the handknit tea cosies and the collectors spoons.

Below is the Sugared Violets yarn I won from Needlefood - the colour is this stunning in person!

Hope your Sunday was as much fun.


missfee said...

yay for sundays, coffee, markets and knitters
a pox on plant pullerouterers

thanks for the knitting

love the yarn

dr k said...

sounds like a perfect sunday! and my security word is yaredum. how weird is that!

LynS said...

It was a lovely day. We did breakfast at Danks Street, the dreaded supermarketing, and then I went to Pub Knitting at the Courthouse where I caught up with Lee, Other Andrew and Kerry amongst others. So many options for Sunday knitting - aren't we spoilt?