Monday, December 21, 2009

Yay Handmade Christmas Gifts Complete

I have managed to finish my christmas gifts with a few days to spare.

Diamond Fantasy (With just one extra repeat for the scarf size) is blocking nicely

And my Rainbow Connection handspun for my MIL is all complate and just drying. All ready for Christmas day on Friday.

This year I have been slack and done absolutely no baking. A Very unusual situation but for a myriad of reasons. It feels a little odd.


Bells said...

you finished that shawl already? Wow. Amazing. It's stunning!

missfee said...

wow wow wow wow wow

happy xmas Jodie - I hope you get lots more yarns!!!!

Dr K said...

i think the shawl and yarn more than make up for the baking, both are amazing! well done, and happy christmas xx

LynS said...

I agree with Kylie. You can trade baking slackness for your yarn productivity and have lots of points to spare. The shawl is very, very beautiful.

Have a great Christmas and New Year.

Rose Red said...

You are a knitting and spinning star!! I just had a big day of baking (with my 10yo niece). I am pooped beyond words!

Happy Christmas!