Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 A Knitting Year in Review

In the spirit of many of my knitting kindred (too numerous to link you all).
Below is a revisit of the knitting projects completed in 2009 and a few special
I managed 29 porjects including 2 cardigans and a 4 ply cotton jumper, Numerous socks (including 3 half-finished pairs for the 2009 Personal Sock Club - No I haven't finished it) and some hats for charity.

Most notable are 4 shawls including the stunning Icarus in BMFA Silk Thread.

I also managed 2 elephants and a dozen knitted baubles (Christmas very strange).

My knitting progress at the end of 2009 may have been interrupted by the recently acquired spinning obsession.


1.baubles, 2. MILyarn 3. MILyarnbobbin, 4. Sockstogo, 5. gabi 6. Tank Plus, 7. Aestlight, 8. purple yarn, 9. ElijahBlue 10. Craft4acause, 11. MsGussetOptim Spin, 12. FantasyofAWaitress, 13. Icarus, 14. CottonBlanket, 15. Ishbel, 16. BlackRose, 17. socks, 18. DiminishedRibardi, 19. Bedsocks, 20. stripeysocks, 21. Knitting Camp, 22. anniversary socks 23. elijah brown, 24. Leaf Socks, 25. VioletGreenjeans, 26. LaceSocs, 27. gabiagain, 28. DarkIvy

2010 will be the year of knitting shawls, finishing the sock club and I think spinning.


Rose Red said...

Lots of fabulous knitwear! It's fun to look back, hey!

Bells said...

I have to tell you that I have really enjoyed getting to know you both on the blog and in person this year! Your knitting has been inspirational (hello icarus!) and beautiful. And the music posts! Oh yes! A great year!

missfee said...

What a great selection of goodies you have going on there.
I am so impressed with you spinning and the gorgeous colours and fine yarn you have going on.

And I especially love the elephant knitted to be the elephant in the room at meetings.

Thanks for our wonderful blossoming friendship over the past year Jodie

knitabulous said...

All so great! I love the lace bottomed pullover the best. I'm going to have a stalk of that one..

Dr K said...

great collection of items and colours. like bells, your icarus has been an inspiration and i look forward to seeing what else you come up with 2010.

Donna (Random Knits) said...

Awesome output!! And a nice range of projects, too :)