Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Grand Plans and Some Completions

I am currently 3 days into 2 weeks off work.
My grand plans included some cleaning, sewing, knitting, spinning and blocking as well as some catching up with friends and family.

Monday and Tuesday this week saw me with full houess my step-daughter, MIL, SIL and niece yesterday and my step-daughter and MIL monday. A little knitting got done, I got the dining table clear for sewing and I did manage to get a few hours spinning. I must admit to quite a few hours playing Mario Kart with the family as well.

We did manage trips to Newtown for Art supplies, books and coffee as well as a visit to the Pool yesterday. Today I see the day stretching out before me and I am determined to make the most of it.

I already have put the Entomology shawl out for blocking (a full wet block).

Knitting has been focused on the Toy for the Easter Show (Well progressed) and the Mountain View Cardigan (now onto the Left Front).

I am suffering from misplaced Camera so not too many photos. I am using the old one (Which does not have a rechargeable battery). Guess who left if plugged into the computer on (and found it flat this morning!)

More photos when i recharge the rechargeables.

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LynS said...

I suspect I'm in for a bout of knitting envy when I see just how much you produce over the next couple of weeks. But good knitting - it's good for me to be envious of such productivity!