Friday, October 15, 2010

Festival of Finishing Or how the Best Laid Plans go Awry

This weekend I have declared to be a Festival of Finishing

Finishing the Shawl I started in September that is to be a present for my mother.
Project: Trophy Shawl
Pattern: Brandywine Shawl
Yarn: Lush Yarns Silk Merino Fingering Weight.
Colourway: Trophy
Mods: none

Finishing the WIP - Summer Short Sleeve cardigan for me.
Project: Spring is Time for A Flutter
Pattern: Flutter Sleeve Cardigan
Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply Cotton
Colourway: Light Teal
Mods: The Ribbing at the waist was a few rows shorter to match the back.
The back ribbing is directed in inches and the front in rows.

Progressing the WIP: Good Old Stocking Stitch Socks - the no thinking project.
Project: Sacred Socks
Pattern: Plain 4 ply Socks Mostly from memory now.
Yarn: Knitabulous Supertwist Merino
Colourway: Sacred Forest

Progressing and Finishing the Sewing Project - A Large Hobo Tote I have had hibrenating for months.

Starting A New project a Summer Tee
Project: Hempathy Vesper
Pattern: Vesper
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy
Colourway: Eucalyptus

Festival's of Singlemindedness are always guaranteed to be interupted and of course mine has been no exception.

Today we did a non-house shop. Mainly because O is going to a party tonight with a friend and needed a dress. We headed to Broadway a little off the regular track for us. The dress we found in a little under thirty minutes and shoes about five minutes later (some days luck is with you).
She found a present for the birthday at Tree of Life that is a treasure trove of trinkets.

We then headed up to Gleebooks where I spend an hour or so browsing for books, something I haven't done for ages with no sense of urgency. I used my birthday gift voucher to buy Paul Kelly's new book (How to Make Gravy an A-Z of his music) and Barry Cassidy's book about the recent election. I strolled over to the markets to meet T & O to see what treasures they have found. We bought some lunch and sat on the grass listening to the band playing and just enjoying some sun and respite from the wind.

After lunch we wandered over to Sapho books and trawled through the $2 table out the front managing to pick up another 7 books between us. There is something really wonderful about well stocked book stores with huge ranges that can enthrall you for hours.

We went back into Broadway where T realised he had left behind the jumper I had knitted him a return trip to Sapho where the jumper was found just where we left it and it was time to finally head for home. All in all a lovely Saturday afternoon in spite of the wind and no finishing to show for it.


LynS said...

You've still got tomorrow!

This sound like a wonderfully relaxed day - worth postponing your finishing.

Bells said...

it's great to focus like that. I really like doing it once in a while. It helps with that need I have to finish stuff to feel like I'm achieving anything.

Two great book choices!

Oh and the brandywine shawl is going on my list. Love it!

Yoga Knitdra said...

Yay for Finishing Festivals and Brandywine. After all its the intention that counts and the needles will catch up eventually!

DrK said...

yes, i like that feeling too, of being really disciplined and just getting things finished. opens up space for new things! good haul on the books too!