Monday, October 4, 2010

Good Weekends

Good Weekends consist of

  • Relaxing times
  • excitement
  • Good company
  • good conversation
  • good food
  • a few drinks
  • a few laughs
  • and in my case some knitting.

This weekend was a really good weekend.
Friday night T, O and I watched Wall-e a great quality kids movie that actually was really entertaining for an adult. We had homemade pies for dinner that T had made earlier in the week.

Saturday started with chores (Some shopping at the local shopping centre) but we were home by midday well in time to get comfortable before my beloved Pies finally won the 2010 premiership. Yes I am delighted it's been 20 years since last they won. We were joined by one of T's friends who took an almost scientific interest but definitely enjoyed a great game. We followed this up with Cricket and Pizza for dinner (From Crust Pizza) and a beer or two.

Sunday we prepared for a belated birthday lunch with a great group of friends. Including O we had 8 people for lunch and T had made a gorgeous Roast Lamb with Rosemary, Thyme and Garlic and a volume of Roast Vegetables (Potato, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato) as well as Carrots, Corn and Peas. Some stunning Gravy and some beautiful dinner rolls. Accompanied by a few pre-lunch drinks and a few accompanying drinks. The meal was gorgeous and we spent a leisurely afternoon eating and drinking and talking mainly nonsense. It is a wonderful thing to spend time with friends you love and are just comfortable with. This was followed by some gorgeous Hummingbird Birthday cake prepared by one of the guests. A few of the guests lingered at least until Half time in the NRL. I dozed on the couch before heading to bed. I ate an entire leftover Roast Potato (yes just one) for dinner. It was a wonderful lunch.

Today (Monday) I hosted some knitters from our Thursday night for an afternoon again of food, drink good conversation and of course knitting. Cheese, Cake, Macaroons, Biscuits and Dip accompanied by a few glasses of Sparkling and a good pot of tea is a good time in most peoples books. We had a relaxing afternoon with no pressure, just a chance to spend some time with good friends and knit a few rows. Knitters are really amazing as they can just be and not need to be entertained, this is a state that long time friends take time to get to. There is always good laughter in this crowd and everyone has a fresh perspective.

I think I had a good weekend! Even a few calls from work failed to rain on the sunshine that was this weekend.

I may have missed mentioning I bought some Wollmeise Friday night from the update. A few cardigans worth in fact.

Below is a picture of today's table courtesy of MissFee


missfee said...

YUM - it was a great day - and I am so happy you had such a fun weekend

Happy Birthday for last week

and wollmeise - i can't wait to see what it becomes...

LynS said...

Thank you so much for this afternoon. I enjoyed it all - food, bubbly, chat, knitting.

DrK said...

just a few cardigans worth? feeling restrained then? and congrats re the Pies :) about time!