Monday, October 4, 2010

I did That!

Noticing your own improvements is not something any of us are generally good at.

This morning I have started the bands on the front of my Flutter Sleeve Cardigan and when I got to just past the waist I decided to start sewing it onto the Left Front Piece.

I have always had trouble with sewn on bands they always ended up bunching or not being even. The view of the seam from the back was never pretty.

This morning I have noticed it is sitting lovely and flat.
I have a pattern to the sewing in - not all of the stitches on the front but every third skipping a row. It looks quite neat and I realise this has happened over time, but this piece will look quite neat and tidy.

Alas no photos (my camera has moved on in the world and I must consider a replacement).
I am celebrating my improving knitting skills - especially the seaming and finishing.


missfee said...

YAY what an achievement congrats - I hate sewing in bands!! Next time I am coming to you

Rose Red said...

Yay! Growth as a Knitter!!

DrK said...

yes excellent GAAK. i nominate you for a finishing workshop at guild.