Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Challenging Knitting

I am happy to report that I am back in love with my Stormy Tonight Shawl (Shipwreck pattern from Knitty).

The first two lace sections went so quickly it was such a fun knit. Then the Madeira Lace section went well up until the third and fourth time you move the stitch marker (to denote the beginning/end of round. I reknit this piece three times thought I had it and then spent Monday and Tuesday of this week tinking it again. (Lifelines rock!)

I am now back on track onto the second half of the Madeira Lace and past both the stitch marker moves 10 and a half more rows of that section to go (not including the stocking stitch).

The Mumbai Skies colourway from Knitabulous' Indian Summer yarn club is just perfect for this pattern and the aqua blue and the soft blue-grey are blending beutifully.


missfee said...

wow - it is just gorgeous Jody - can't wait to see it in real life

DrK said...

blending beautifully indeed. please remind me about lifelines again. and again.