Friday, November 19, 2010

It Grows!

The Wollmeise Lace collection grows 2 Aquarius, 1 Flaschenpost and a Feldmaus.
Stormy Tonight (Shipwreck is also growing). I used some Modifications found on Ravelry to neaten up the second leaf on the Madeira Lace. Ready to start the last section (yay)


1funkyknitwit said...

I see you've taken up shares in Wollmeise ;)

I LOVE the colour Feldmaus, I have it in sock weight, a gorgeous colour which I'm currently knitting and combining with grey... lush!

Have fun knitting yours :D

DrK said...

oooh felmaus. i have some maus ault and its loverly. good to see the family expanding!