Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dyeing Fibre.

I am currently spinning up some hand-dyed multi-colour silk to ply with some plain silk that I dyed earlier this year. Alas I have realised I might not have enough so I needed to dye up a little more. It has come out a little more muted (but I have enough of the original to mix it up with). The colours is Periwinkle and Royal Blue

Whilst dyeing up the silk I grabbed a couple of hundred grams of merino fibre to paint up. I used Clematis and Periwinkle and the result is below. Still drying.

On the knitting front I am on to the cuff of the second sock for Ada Lovelace, the BCP shawl languishes awaiting attention.

On the stash front I may have acquired some Knitabulous Fifty Fifty as the base is being discontinued.


1funkyknitwit said...

I shall be looking forward to seeing it spun up :)

Ruby Girl said...

The colours look great together.

DrK said...

gorgeous colours. and how much is a little fifty fifty i wonder?