Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Simple Special Gifts

A few of you may know I am finishing up at my current job this week. I have recieved some cards and gifts from a few of my team members.

The most amazing of which is the knitted purse/bag below. All the more special as it comes from a staff member who is currently on extended leave after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She is doing really well (mid-way through her treatment) and is finding ways to occupy herself learning to crochet and knit (her mother is teaching her - but I have been engouraging). This is her first knitted item and she made it all herself (including the little rosette).

Another gift of note was a Thank-You card with a gift-voucher to a certain city bookstore. The card was heart-felt and thanked me for the opportunities, support and mentoring provided. At the end was a note that the bookstore in question has a 20% discount on craft books this week.

These simple gifts and the cards accompanying them have been wondeful because they acknowledge how well I have gotten to know these people and they me.


Rose Red said...

What great and thoughtful gifts - especially the bag - how special is that.

LynS said...

I agree with RoseRed - what thoughtful gifts. Clearly, you've mad an impact on the lives of these people. Hope all goes well over the next few weeks.

1funkyknitwit said...

That is such a lovely post and how lovely that she made you the bag, very thoughtful !

Jody your pretty amazing and when you do find your next job they will only be too lucky to have you on board ! the meantime enjoy the minor break before you get whipped up :)

knitabulous said...

I didn't know you were finishing up your job - and I hope you really enjoy any time you may have to yourself before you embark on your next encounter.

Beautiful that that this girl took the time to make something for you in spite of her illness. You must be very special to her.

DrK said...

oh thats so great. i wouldnt expect anything less than people telling you how great youve been at work, but its so nice to know theyve noticed you as a person enough to chose craft themed gifts. very special indeed.