Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sunday Stash Stories.

This week I have had a little bit of a strange week stash wise with more in than out.

Monday the five skeins of Knitabulous Fifty Fifty Yarn (That I just love) I ordered (before the 31st of January) that were dyed specially in a glorious blue leaning towards green tones. These are destined for a soft cardigan.

I continued to knit from stash although not enough knitting was done due to some very warm weather. My Ada Lovelace socks in Knitabulous Soft Sock were knitting up quickly after abandoing the Variegated colourway. The subtle colour differences in the semi-solid colourway highlighting the gorgeous lace pattern. I made absolutely no progress in the BCP shawl (but that is due to external factors).

I had been feeling quite virtuous as even though I had acquired yarn I had not purchased (well ordered) any in 2011. The week proceeded well with no signs of the

Last night I recieved notice that the lovely Knitabulous would have to discontinue the Fifty Fifty yarn and that the stock she had up on the web site is pretty much it oh and that it was on sale. Gasp! I have a few skeins in glorious purples still in my stash, as well as the Club colourway Tokyo Rose. I had recently been admiring the Blues and well I couldn't resist and two Blue skeins (different colourways) have been purchased and paid for. So discontinued yarns (and bases) are now an official exemption in my knit from stash for 2011.

And I have no photos. It was too hot (That is my excuse for all of it - the purchase, the lack of photos, the lack of knitting).

I should also note that I have successfully (so far) resisted the Madelinetosh Sweater Club which opened earlier this week - they even have Flashdance (colourway) as a choice which seems to be a stunning purple shot with bright pink.


Rose Red said...

Heh heh, I got the notice too but managed to not buy any at all!! My willpower is strong! (no, not really...I do quite like your exception about discontinued/no longer available yarns!)

Yarna said...

I too have managed to avoid adding any more Fifty-fifty to my stash and you all know how much I love this yarn! I like the exception to the rules (what rules?) as well!

DrK said...

oh yes discontinued yarns are always exempt. and you cant say no to that fifty fifty. speaking of which....