Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Long Hard Week - Yelling at the TV.

I returned to work on Monday after a little over a week off to a lot of email (a ridiculous number really) and much to do.

An FBI radio favourite keeps ringing in my head...."too much to do, and not enough time, not enough time" is repeated throughout the chorus and that has definitely been the theme for our week.

My preferred calming technique of knitting in the early morning quiet was disrupted by my brain wrestling with work issues at 5:40am. As a result I spent much time watching the 7:30 report on the ABC and other associated programs and finding myself yelling at the politicians and journalists repeatedly.

Thankfully the ABC put Bob Brown on the Insiders this morning and it was very strange to see the Family First Senator and the Democrats Senator treating the Greens as the incumbents.
All I can say is Thank you Bob for making sense!

I live within Marrickville Council where the Greens have put forward a practical socially and economically responsible agenda. I just hope the message gets through to greater Australia.

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