Monday, October 22, 2007

Ravelry Tea Cosy Swap

So I am all signed up for my tea cosy swap.

My secret pal has a few photos and a very generic blog making knitting likes and dislikes a little hard to plan for stuff.

The tea cosy I might need to ask for a measure to make sure I come close. The treats should be easy with the pre-christmas baking a family ritual. I made biccies and slices for presents last year and our friends all loved them so this year perhaps some bigger packages and perhaps some more widespread delivery.

To assist my secret pal I have taken a photo of my standard teapot for her/his perusal. Comparison object an ordinary computer mouse (standard size). I wanted to do the family cat and the mouse but she wasn't around to co-operate.

I chose this one as it is the one I use the most - kind of like the baby bears bed in Goldilocks it's just right!

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