Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stop Picking My Roses!!!!

I am getting increasingly frustrated at our nimble fingered neighbour who keeps pinching our blue moon roses.

Blue Moon Roses are rare and of the two bushes that my dh has planted only one has been flowering and with only 3 buds at the moment.

One opened and a caterpiller ate through it. Of the other 2 buds only one ohad pened and the other was just budding - but they were both on the same stem.

Now the bush was a present to me and dh has been carefully nurturing it to get some flowers close to my birthday.

And lo and behold someone has not just picked one but taken the whole stem leaving only the caterpiller eaten bud left.

Last Spring and Summer this was a regular occurence. Whenever it flowers they get picked off and they don't even do it neatly they kind of mangle the stem so nothing else will grow. GRRRRRR...

I am considering putting up Rascally Rabbits stop picking my roses sign on the front fence.

I don't mind the occasional pick - but this is every time the bush flowers.

1 comment:

gemma said...

People are just lousey sometimes.
Put a nice but pointed note on the bush, maybe they will get the message.
Gem from the SSof Socks