Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Totally Saved, Mini Project Just the 4 of Us.

Saved from the big frog.

My beautiful new socks were knitting up a treat until i realised i wasn't yet at the heel and was nearing the middle of the ball. Panic set in. Would i have to frog them and alter sections for sizing. Or knit a completely different pattern.

I don't mind frogging because it's not working, or to resolve an error - but when it is working and I am loving it that is fate I was not able to bare.

Of course i had to pick the skein of wool from Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock that
  1. Was the lone one of it's colourway and weight in my stash
  2. where I had recieved notice via the sock club that they would be resting the colourway
  3. where I had also recieved subsequent notice that it was low in stock.
  4. and I had also recieved a notice that there was an ordering frenzy following the resting announcement.

I threw myself on the mercy of the ladies of Blue Moon Fiber Arts and hoped they had a lone skein in search of a home.

My luck held out and it is on it is winging its way to me as I type.
The customer service ethic of these ladies is second to none.

Whilst waiting I have cast on an easy sock for dh in a ball of Opal Neon (that I have 3 others of) with the intention of knitting a pair of socks in this colourway for each of the household. Dh, his mother, O & I. I am looking forward to completing this little mini-project.

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That is just so lucky! Lets hope the parcel arrives quickly :)