Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Working, Sleeping, Knitting, Procrastinating, Packing

The title appears in order of the time spent doing things in the last couple of days.

The Knitting is going well one more pattern repeat of the FLS (it has slowed down a little).
However my swap Item is going brilliantly I have done the Western Bulldogs Symbol on the other side of my swap item. Just to finish the top, weave in the ends, and sew her up.

On Track for completion BEFORE we move!.

The Procrastinating has been a little less but still prevalent, I haven't got that sense of deadline looming yet which spurs me into action in packing. I did pack the entire bottom half of the buffet last night which is filled with serving plates and casserole dishes. The aim is to clear the top of that (Now glasses and vases) so we can stack things up against it for the rest of the week.

Sadly, I have not invented a new procrastination technique.

Other things on this week

Filmink Clubink screening of Ten Empty (Brendon Cowell/Anthony Hayes Film) which unfortunately i will have to miss as a result of real-estate related activities.

Lenny Henry on Friday night (I need a laugh i am not missing this!)

Collingwood Vs The Swans on Saturday night (I do not miss this!).

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