Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fondness Makes the Heart Grow Absent or Some Such

Life has been eventful.

Weeks without Internet.
Moving House...not quite finishing when dh is rushed to hospital.
A week of moving (Without dh) and hospital visits and not knowing.

Thankfully he is home, all is well, and recovering.
We have moved and finished off the other house.

So here I sit with an internet finally connected (after 4 complaint phone calls) and only one machine set up (we are still unpacking) and contemplating the lack of knitting in my life.

Good Knitting news - Film Festival Socks are finished and have been worn. I am half-way at least through the FLS.

Other events in recent weeks
Babies...many of them (1 to dh's best friend and his wife, 2 to a friend of mine, 2 to a former workmate of both my friend and I) and still I have not provided knitted goodness after a week.
Baby stuff is on the needles I just need to finish it and deliver.

Looking forward to
More Knitting
DH Recovering
The house gaining some semblence of normalcy
A weekend without unpacking, baby visits and with a healthy husband.


LynS said...

How awful for you to have to cope with both the horror of moving and DH's illness. I wish you the illness-free, tranquil time you're hoping for.

jp said...

Well we have good news he is on the mend.

The moving and illness was a horror but we are coming out the other side. Alas, I was unable to make the S'n'B tonight maybe next week.