Monday, July 14, 2008

Post Apocalypse (or at least post move)

Ok so we are in the new house!
Surrounded by bags and boxes with very little idea where most things are.

Kitchen is about 40% done.
Bedroom is about 20% done.
Rest of the house is about 2% done.

Shed is about 0% done (with most of dh's stuff still at the old house to be moved this week or weekend!)

I love the new house it is kind of cosy in parts and has a great yard.
I hate the lack of internet access, the inability to find just about anything and the now endless job of unpacking ahead of us.

We also have to do a final clean of the old house.
Very little knitting - but i did get the GYC Swap article 2 complete...

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zephyrama said...

I still have unpacked boxes from my last move 8 years ago. But it is the post move cleaning that I hate with a passion.