Friday, August 1, 2008

Casting on....Ooops (And Some Music!)

I know I have signed up for the KAL from your stash..and to finish what is in progress.

Slightly against the rules I have cast on a scarf for a birthday present (hopefully). I am using a ball of the Arucania Multi (from the stash) and it is knitting up to look quite stunning.

This is an Amy Singer (of Knitty Fame pattern) from an old interweave that i always loved and I have called my version Nice 'n' Light....

I should be finishing my FLS (but I have found it too bulky to knit in my twenty minutes train trip...and as we are still setting up the lounge and the aerial...not much TV watching is occuring.

As a result of the move we have been unpacking CD's and DVD's on bulk...Realising just how much music we have between the 3 of us now (O has started a small music collection). This becomes even more staggering when you realise that more than half our music purchases in the last 12 months have been digital. I thought I might start a theme and explore some of my early musical experiences...a paragraph every few days might do it.

Today - My earliest Music.

I have 3 favourites from my preschool and primary school years.

First up is a Romper Room Album (I think it was a happy birthday album) a seventies product with a lavendar cover and Miss Helena and Mr Do-Bee of the cover. This was a high-rotation item for us (my baby brother and I). Although he used to hide when she

For Trivia buffs Miss Helena of the Australian wide version of Romper Room is married to Mike Bailey (former ABC and Channel 7 Weatherman turned not so successful politician).

Second up is an old 78 (a massive family favourite) called The Little Fiddle (A Danny Kaye orchestral narration) always caused a laugh in our household. Favourite films (starring the wonderful Danny Kaye) were also sought after on Sunday afternoons (Sports commitments withstanding) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Hans Christian Anderson were always sure to draw a crowd around the family TV.

Last, but not least, was my first foray into Popular music. I along with a large portion of the Australian population spent much of the second half of the seventies obsessed with Abba! Arrival (which I still have on Vinyl) is an all-time favouite. I have never really grown out of loving! Mamma Mia the musical and the very recent movie have shown me I am just one of a much bigger crowd.

Next Late Primary Schol and Early High School my transition to Alternative Music!

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