Friday, August 1, 2008

Swap Package Recieved

I recieved my Swap package when we moved house, right in the middle of the family emergency (see earlier post). It was amazingly cute and adorable. The amazing pscyhoticspy has sent me a mug, a mug cosy and Ipod cosy (monogrammed), an amazing feather pen, tea bags with slogans and cupboard crumb magnets...too cute to be denied (they went straight on the fridge even though the other magnets haven't been unpacted yet. Also a huge chocolate freckle map of tassie...I love every bit of it.

The mug has quickly become my favourite for Milo. The package cheered me up no end.
And here is a pic of my outgoing swap items...the mitts are just so elegant and made to drink tea with!

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