Monday, August 25, 2008

I knit because....

It is amazing how the current knitting project or book I am engrossed in is a counter balance to work or family life.

If my work or family life is hectic or stressful or mentally taxing my knitting will be simple - lots of garter stitch and stocking stitch with only a little pattern.

Examples are the Film Festival Socks, Even Dark ivy was a simple pattern that allowed me to get through hospitalisation and a season of reviews and budgeting at work.

When my work or family life is quiet and not taxing enough my knitting will be cables and lace to vex and challenge me. Such as Anya or Juno Regina (Which I and many others have been wrestling with for some time).

Dh and a former colleague and friend once said my knitting was about me wanting to control something from start to finish. I acknowledge this may be a little bit true since my work is all about negotiating and co-ordinating with others to achieve things (projects or individual development) and was probably very true at the time of the comment (over five years ago).

Now I am convinced it is supplementing my reading. I have always been somone that has multiple books on the go usually one fiction and one non-fiction - biography or commentary. They tend to range from the easy/enjoyable reads to the complex detailed. I will reach for the easy to read when my brain has been busy. I will reach for the complex when my brain is crying out for something meaty.

Right now I am switching between the mindlessness of a fun Chick Lit and Billy Bragg's recent offering. Spending more time on the Chick Lit (The review budget season is not quite over yet!).

I am enjoying the act of anticipating some time with Billy on the weekend.

Maybe I will liberate Anya from her moving hibernation as my fingers are itching for some lace.


Melinda said...

I think this is true for me too. Over a stressful period of moving house, I knit a garter stitch scarf for the first time in ages. Now, as things return to normal, I am gradually venturing into more difficult projects again :)

jp said...

I am constantly amazed at the different things knitting adds to my life.

The ability to be calming and almmost absent of thought (the lovely rhythm of garter stitch or stocking stitch) or the mind-bending complexity of lace or a new sock architecture.