Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Knitting in absentia

I have had a wonderful weekend away celebrating the wedding of an old friend in the wine region of Mudgee.

Wedding on a Vineyard, reception at a winery. Drinking at the wine bar in town on the night before the wedding. Relaxing, fun and casual.

I managed to finish the first sleeve of Gabi, and cast on the second, this pattern is working me hard. I am definitely finding the progress slower than expected. I suspect it is also slowed by work eing taxing at the moment.

Knit alongs.38 Morgan Petersha
Melbourne Cup KAL Progress to date (official start date was 4th of November) 0% (Summer Tee)

Southern Summer of Socks - Target for October 1 pair, progress for October 0 pairs (and no progress).

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