Sunday, November 9, 2008

One Leap Forwards Two Leaps back..

The joys of swatching and getting guage and knitting and getting huge stretch!

Yesterday I cast off Gabi Blue ready for blocking. With a house full of visitors incuding my niece it wasn't really appropriate to lay it out. As such I moved straight on to the Summer Tee. Somehow I have misplaced the yarn in the colourway i planned so i went hunting for an alternative Lilac BWM Cotton it is!

I settled on knitting one size, it would be a bit loose, but I could adjust as I went. I figured with the flare at the hips that would be fine.

After knitting about 30 rows I realised I had about 15 extra centimetres around (well in excess of the difference between the 2 sizes. Suffice to say it would have swum on me. As such I have frogged the lot and cast on for the smaller size so my progress is only about 6 rows.


LynS said...

Yay for a completed Gabi! It's such a beautiful colour. I look forward to seeing it in action as the weather warms up.

jp said...

I am delighted to be finished the knitting. My blocking space is currently the assembly and drying area for a school project. So I will have to wait to block and sew up.

There is also the small matter of crocheting around the neck.

All will be revealed soon.