Saturday, May 9, 2009

FO - Stripey Leftover Socks

Started at Knitting Camp finished after a day of knitting with Guild in the morning and James Bond on the TV at night.

They do look quite effective with the black stripes and the multi colours of various leftover sock yarn. (Yes the ends are all woven in - thanks James Bond!)

Now to cast on Sock 2 for the April edition of the Personal Sock club, finish up the diminishing cardi and to rescue a few other hibernating projects before I start on the jumper for dh.


Bells said...

gosh they look good!!!

missfee said...

They look great Jodie - and you made such fast progress from yesterday -sadly work has stopped knitting for the moment for me:(

DrK said...

check them out! i cant believe you have actually finished a whole pair, they look awesome!