Monday, May 11, 2009

Knitting Gratification

There is nothing quite so gratifying as knitwear that is appreciated so much that within minutes of completing the blocking/giving it is on the recipient. The Stripey Leftover Socks have been loved, loved, loved so much so that they went on immediately and I am pretty sure were worn to bed.

I am almost at the seperation for the diminishing rib.

An Exchange that could only take place in a knitting household.
Dh: Why aren't you knitting my jumper?
Me: Mine was on the needles first.
Dh:(jokingly) We can take care of that.
Me: Only if you don't want a jumper

1 comment:

LynS said...

Love them. Love the colours. When we catch up, I's like to have a chat about what you do with the many yarn ends that stripes create.