Saturday, May 30, 2009

If it's Sunday it Must be Blocking Day

The diminished ribbed cardigan is finally cast off (Twice - because as we learnt at Morris and Sons the week before last finishing is everything). 300 plus stitches and a tubular cast off...lots of fun. The colour is just gorgeous -At least it was a windy, rainy cold Saturday morning so I wasn't missing much. And yes the finish is much better with the tubular cast off (Thank you 1funkyknitwit for your voice in my head!)

Once blocked I will reconfirm what type of closure I want on it.

Personal Sock Club #4 Sock 1 is complete and Sock 2 is cast on probably not enough time today to finish it still in May but we will keep going.


Rose Red said...

Looks great! Will be a much worn cardi I think!

LynS said...

Looking forward to seeing the cardi - maybe at the SFF sometime. Am slogging away at my personal sock club (henceforward known as the PSC) sock but making very slow progress. I envy your whizzing along.

jp said...

I certainly hope it will be a much worn feels lovely and is appearing to hang nicely.

A cardi for dress and skirt rather than jeans I think.

dr k said...

the cardi looks great! very impressed.