Sunday, May 10, 2009

FO - Personal Sock Club April/May - Bed Socks(About 10 days overdue)

The Bed socks are done. Yay in the second week of May i complete the personal Sock Club for April.

I have liberated the next selection and it is a Arucania Ranco Solid in Green. I need to contemplate a pattern, but it will probably be another pair for dh. He loves his plain stocking stitch socks but I thought I might see if I could do a toe up and incorporate some new techniques.


missfee said...

they look great JP - are you going to use them as bed socks?

S.V. also likes plain socks - I tried to go with Earl Grey on the current pair but the plain won out again

jp said...

I think they will be used as warm socks for around the house.
Pre and Post bed Socks.

They are seriously soft and squishy and warm.