Monday, August 17, 2009

Another 2 day Project - The Black Rose

On Saturday night i ventured out to the AFL (Swans Vs Geelong) with my mother and a couple of my nephews. Upon arrival my mother said where did you get he beret...I want! I was wearing my Purple Rose of Cairo (RoseRed by Ysolda Teague). She wanted cream or black (and I suggested grey).

Sunday morning I awoke and went to my leftovers stash section. and what do you know there was some Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic in Raven all ready for the task. The knit is very quick (especially the third time around - since the first one was knitted twice). I used the knit lace cast off and it gives it an interesting scalloped edge. And Tuesday morning we block!
Very happy now to return to socks, jumper and shawl(s)

For the record the game was a little boring for the most part - it got incredibly exciting in the last quarter (when both teams played running football). As a non-swans supporter who goes to watch a match...I really hate the swans zone and slow down.


Bells said...

i really do think the universe is trying to tell me I too need one of those!

dr k said...

wow. impressive! quick, and beautiful!