Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekend Home Improvements

This weekend I have taken note of the little things we do at home to make improvements.

Firstly Flowers (from the Addison Road Markets - we also picked up some poppies). I love old-fashioned roses in simple vases and these are stunning! I love having fresh flowers around the house (and in the office) and before T always had fresh flowers at home unless I was travelling and in most of my offices (yes even in open plan desks).

I have also bought a simple basket to store my sewing in progress. Rather than having to pack it away when I am in the middle of cutting something out or sewing something up. Simple practical and not too heavy even when nearly full. It can be put anywhere to be out of the way and saves me having to pack it away in the cupboard. With the sewing room also being the dining room it is a bit of a challenge to get either the sewing machine/cutting board or overlocker out and all the bits and pieces this gives me a few less steps in the process.

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