Friday, August 14, 2009

Knitting Trends, friends and Brainspace

The most recent trend(s) in knitting is the Shawl fest. Shawl patterns (especially small shawl patterns) are doing a roaring trade. I have recently succumbed not once but twice

Aquiring the highly popular Aestlight Shawl on Ravelry. (Hopefully to be knit up in the fiftyfifty from Knitabulous) followed by the Damson Shawl by pre-purchasing Whimsical Little Knits 2 from Ysolda.

I have yet to cast on but I have yarn, patterns determination (and some knitting on the needles) and many many intentions.

I have been a little sidetracked by my own mini-trend and am casting on another Elijah in Noro. This is for a colleague as a tool for their you can "talk about the elephant in the room". Very cool idea.

The trends I am following are fuelled by my knitting friends an amazing community that inspire me every day. Online on both Ravelry (and the various blogs), and Twitter as well as in person.

A highlight of my week is the Thursday night knitting group - this event both the knitting and the discussion topics (which meander widely and are always interspersed with laughter) contribute immensely to my relaxation each week. Regardless of how tired or how grumpy I am after work spending time with this group of amazing diverse people energises me immensely. So thank you to these knitters for the light they put into my week.


missfee said...

I wholeheartly agree Jodie - and thankyou for making knitting so much fun - online and in person

Rose Red said...


On the shawls too - too many great patterns, not enough time!!

LynS said...

I agree - I so look forward to Thursday evenings. And I agree with RoseRed - so many lovely small shawls - so little time! Still we can take vicarious pleasure in each others' knitting.

dr k said...

oh thursday nights. i miss you guys. i am a bit taken with the small shawl phenomenon too, and i can personally vouch for the loveliness that is an aestlight in 50/50!