Saturday, August 7, 2010


There is something incredibly satisying about finishing projects.

In the last few weeks I have been doing some solitary knitting due to a variety of circumstances and have managed to complete a large blanket (the Tweed Baby Blanket by Jared Flood) and a slouch hat for myself.
The blanket is a present for friends who have just had a baby. The yarn is Bendigo Woollen mills Luxury 8 ply and the colours are Ghost and Iris Mist. The perfect blanket for a fashionable baby girl.

The hat is another hat for me. - I don't make them that often. It is quite loose and lives up to the name of Copy-Cat Slouch Hat. The yarn is Needlefood Worsted in a special one off colourway that I have had for some time. (Stash-busting project perhaps).


DrK said...

yay for finished objects! they both look terrific. and lovely purple. is there a not-lovely purple, do you think?

jp said...

I am pretty sure you will not convince me there is a "not-lovely" purple.

Yoga Knitdra said...

Well done! How good is BWM for blankets and this looks great. I've not seen any 'not-lovely' purples myself!