Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fun Friday's From Unexpected Events

My day took a few unexpected turns.

The opening of The Granny Square in Newtown was enough to entice me out this morning and we stepped into the store before 11. They didn't have the counter or the cash register set up.
We took our time to browse and eventually headed off for a drink and a bite to eat before we came back to make some purchases.

Below left is the Handspun and Hand-dyed yarn. Lace weight silk, wool, and cashmere. Cotton and Bamboo and Sock Yarn.

Below Right is the gorgeous light display of cotton and wool.

Of course you couldn't visit without making a purchase or two.

Yummy Sock Yarn in (Surprise) purple
Sugar 'n Cream Solid in Dark and Light Purple and Green
Sugar 'n Cream Multi in Green and Cream
And some of the Hand-dyed sock yarn in Green

Whilst there I ran into Andrew (working), Miss Fee and Karen from Thursday night knitting and Miss Fee convinced me to crash her lunch date with Pru. An unexpected extension of my knitting store outing.


DrK said...

oh no! im planning a visit there on wednesday. i dont know how im going to escape without actually buying something!!

Yarna said...

Did I miss the official VIP launch that we were supposed to be invited to?

It looks very impressive though. Just what I didn't need!

Rose Red said...

hmmmm, I'd better leave my wallet at home next Wednesday!! Looks great!

LynS said...

I didn't even know it was opening - how did I miss this? Anyway, I have no time to visit over the next week or so, so I will have to practice my (not so good) delayed gratification skills.

Love the mix of colours in your purchases, Jody

missfee said...

I was quite refrained but in anticipation of meeting with my madtosh dealer for lunch I think
Thanks for the great stash and lunch play date - great to catch up

Yoga Knitdra said...

Sounds like a great day you had. Funnily enough I've just tucked into my stash of Elmore-Pisgah Peaches & Cream - are these 2 related in any way? So great to see some new stores on the scene in town, can't wait to visit when I'm there soon - and see you too!

Kylie said...

It looks amazing!!!!
have to plan a visit =]

The Other Andrew said...

Jody, thanks for coming along yesterday and being one of our very first customers! (Thanks also for your patience while we sorted out the cash register bugs. Everything is running smoothly now, thank goodness.)

Yarna, we only opened the doors yesterday and we're having a 'soft opening' for the first couple of weeks, until we get the store fully merchandised. We're about 80%-90% there at this point. The official opening even is a few weeks off yet. (Date to be advised)