Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mental Blocks

I hate crochet. I never really had the patience to learn how to do it well so my chains are eneven at best. So whenever a pattern says provisional cast-on I cringe and often put off starting.

Recently in Bendigo the lovely and talented Helen aka Bells mentioned the use of a version of longtail with two threads as an alternative to provisonal. So I went hunting for some alternatives.

I found these for those that share my irrational hatred.

Using a crochet hook and a knitting needle.
An alternative as well as the standard method are described here. Using knitting a series rows courtesy of Techknitting.
The technique described by Bells (courtesy Knit and Tonic)

I love when a fellow knitter suggests an alternative.


Rose Red said...

My preferred method is to use a long circular needle (or just the cable if you have interchangeable needles). It is especially good for turned hems or edges, as you just knit the live stitches and cast on stitches together, straight from the circular needle. There's a video on

Donna (Random Knits) said...

I use the crochet hook and knitting needle method - it's about the only time I ever willingly pick up a crochet hook!

Bells said...

i hadn't seen RoseRed's method before. that's cool!
hope it all goes smoothly!

DrK said...

oh i am happy to hear about these alterna-methods. not a fan of the crochet myself, but then ive never learnt properly either. i dont mind provisional cast ons now, after summer solstice. is that what you needed it for? go on, tell me youre making one!!