Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Strange Days Indeed

This week has been quite strange. Not because I turned a year older or because of any of the normal things.

It has been strange since the AFL Grand Final was drawn last week and is being replayed this weekend. Last weekend T (who is not the Collingwood supporter - I am) decorated the front of the house without me knowing about it. He will do the same this weekend (He did it 7 years ago when we lost the GF too). This is only the third time in the history of the AFL that a Grand Final has been drawn. At the end of the match the feeling was really just flatness, exhaustion yes, but none of the other feelings that comes with completion.

So instead of me knowing who won and having this Saturday free. We will again be settling down in front of a TV to watch a second Grand Final filled with an audience of punters as opposed to corporates and package holders. It should be a fine spectacle.

On the yarn front I did get two packages yesterday morning. One with some Wollmeise to share (but we still have some things to work out so no published photos yet). The second had 2 lots of Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy with which to make some Summer Tees. I am a huge fan of Hemp as a fabric and Fibre. T's casual shirts are highly populated with items from Braintree and they wash and soften so beautifully but retain such a strength. I am really looking forward to getting this on the needles.


Yoga Knitdra said...

I've only been following from a distance, not being and AFL devotee, but thst is strange. A vote for extra time by the sounds of it, nice that you get a bit more time for the bunting no doubt. How lovely of T.

Rose Red said...

Is that hemp in puple I spy? Well, who'da thunk it! I look forward to having a feel of that!

LynS said...

A Collingwood supporter! hmmm

DrK said...

such a weird weekend, football wise. shame about the black and white tho. heh. niiiiice elsbeth lavold. cant wait to see how that knits up.