Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cleaning out the Clutter

In addition to cleaning up the blog and the blog roll I have been cleaning up at least on the digital stage as part of clearing my mind for new projects.

I have updated the iOS on both the iphone and ipad and cleaned out a heap of apps I never use as well as sorting out the most recent into groups/folders whatever it's called.

Bigger still has been the ravelry clean up. I have reduced the number of Tabs I have to just 2.
All about Jody (I know but it makes sense) and Ravelry.

On the All about Jody tab I now only have groups that I regularly read or contribute to. Makes my ravelry visits much quicker and allows me to get on with looking at the Friend Activity Tab (way more interesting) and the patterns feed.

I am down to just over 30 groups I still belong to but all their activity is on one page with the most active at the top.

I feel lighter some how!

I have also cleaned up the music on both the iPhone and iPod (yes iPod) and backed it all up.
A bit more yarn, fibre and fabric clean up at home and I won't know myself.

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