Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spring Clean

Whilst my knitting languishes, a stocking stitch sock the only thing I have touched for over a week, I decided to tidy my blog in some snatched minutes.

A few weeks ago I moved to a cleaner look and today I renovated the blog list. Out with the old and outdated and in with the list I mainly read from Google reader.

Some notable additions The Sew Weekly - seriously a great project, 1Funkyknitwit - always visually stunning and Stump'd and Stump'd notes - tales of an Australian in the US.

Hopefully the use of Thumbnails might entice you on to explore one or more.

In case you are wondering the knitter in me is crying out for some thinking time to get started on the lace obsession or a cardigan.


Rose Red said...

Knit the dress! The lace dress! Yes!

missfee said...

like it alot - gorgeous

DrK said...

i like your new look, and im glad to see the purple lives too! and do the dress already.

1funkyknitwit said...

Oh I LOVE the new look and it too looks visually stunning ! ..including all the purple ...truth be known I too have a purple fetish too shhh- Prince & I go a looong way back ;D
thanks for the plug and adding me to you blogroll - an honor xx