Monday, October 3, 2011

Obsessions: Lace

I have worked out I am currently obsessed with Lace.

Kleio is done - Link to ravelry project including some pictures whilst awaiting blocking. It is a gorgeous Lace Panel and the stunning lace edge that is currently ruffling - the challenge is to not block that out. No sooner did I cast this cast off last Monday before I cast on another lace shawl.

Alivia is in progress - a gorgeous lace panel and a simple lace centre. I am up to the 10th repeat and think I will have enough handspun for an 11th.

The yarn is ordered for Violet a Ravelry link can be found here. I have ordered some Valley Yarns Cotlin (Cotton and Linen blend). A project that will likely result in madness I believe.

I am now thinking about both Gothic from The Knitter (issue 37) and Cameo Shawl from Rowan Lace.

And perhaps a Lace cardigan for summer.
Obsessed much?


Rose Red said...

Lace is perfect summer knitting! I love that Violet so so much. Cannot wait to see you wearing it!

LynS said...

When you obsess, you really do obsess!I'm having a hard time just keeping up with what it is you're obsessing about. I'm still gobsmacked that you're even contemplating 'Violet'. Beautiful, but such a lot of knitting. Some people's productivity is astounding.

DrK said...

oh gee, dont go for the easy lace or anything will you? they are all gorgeous but i am stunned by cameo. how gorgeous is that?! seriously thinking of attempting that one.. and i like the new blog template!

jp said...

Thanks DrK the new look is going well. I still have to clean up blog roll. But it is lovely and fresh.

And yes Cameo is a stunner.