Sunday, October 23, 2011

Protest Songs Celebration with Perfect Timing

The weekend just passed saw me in Melbourne enjoying the sights and sounds, but not the weather. The trip was timed with the closing weekend of Melbourne Festival to catch the Notes from The Hard Road & Beyond Concert.

Friday morning on arrival in Melbourne we dropped our bags at the hotel and headed to Fed Square ready to check out some exhibitions at ACMI. The trams terminated at Flindesr Street Station & Fed Square due to the protesters we were told.

As we had some lunch we noticed what appeared to be about half the police cars in Melbourne parked on Flinders and Swanston Streets.

As with any trip, you are often not as aware of the news places to go, things to do you see!

As the weekend unfolded we found that the Occupy Melbourne protest had been broken up with what appears to have been a particularly heavy hand, and the site they occupied (public space) had big fences put up around it. Puzzling? Yes. Ridiculous ? Definitely.

Stranger still was that the concert we went to see a closing night of the Melbourne Festival was a celebration of protest songs!

Sad that a city celebrating protests in such a superb way could produce a clash such as Friday.
Then the media pronouncements of the mayor yesterday in the Herald Sun are sad.
Check out Mike Stuchbery for a response to the Mayor's

More on the concert and Melbourne later.

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