Monday, May 31, 2010

Just Knitting

This morning I started my day with some knitting. Each year during the film festival I have a dedicated project - normally this is socks as they are portable, easy to work on in small bursts and generally plain and able to be knitted in the dim lighting of the State Theatre.

This year I am up for a challenge (Challenge CHALLENGE)

I have a big project on the go I am knitting the Susie Hoodie in Cascade Heathers - Purple Jewel. The progress so far is shown below - measurement at seamless seems is 23cm.

The pattern is not complex being mainly stocking stitch. It is only the cable, the bias shaping and waist shaping on different repeat numbers being opportunities for error. I am really happy with the colour (surprise) but also the drape and construct of this pattern.

To totally call out the challenge I am going to finish this project by the end of the Film Festival (Big call) but it has been going quite well with limited knitting time. I will update with the measurement of the knitting each day as we progress through June (specifically the Film Festival).

It is also my first project using spit splicing following a wonderful presentation at the Inner City Guild in April (Thanks Web-Goddess and Vintage Grrl for a fabulous lesson).


Rose Red said...

I shall be watching this project with interest, as I really like this pattern - and c220 is perfect for it - and it spit splices really well! Go Jody, I know you can do it!!

LynS said...

I agree with RoseRed about Cascade 220 and spit splicing. I unravelled some knitting I'd split spliced and couldn't even find the join.

June Busy Blogfest, the SFF and a Knitting Challenge! Talk about over-achieving!

DrK said...

i am cheering you on, on all fronts, from the sidelines! gorgeous pattern and colour!

Bells said...

ooh a great challenge and I LOVE the yarn and pattern choice!

Happy daily blogging! I do think I'm going to join you but I've got the rest of the day to decide.