Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Knitting Progress and Looking forward to the FIlm Festival

As a result of a massive birthday party here for O we have had a bit of an interruption in knitting.

I have just last night managed to complete the sleeves finally for the Stardust Cardigan. I now have the pieces blocking for sew up either thursday or friday night. (Wishful blocking!). Photos when I get some decent light. I am loving the colour and the yarn (Knittery DK Silk Merino - alas no longer available)

I have moved on to the absolutely no thinking plain socks in needlefood for O (They have taken much much longer than I planned so I thought I would try to be faitfhful for a bit. This of course has resulted in pattern searching, purchasing and downloading.

I do have the yarn for the featherweight cardigan all rolled into balls. Hmmmm...distraction.

P.S Sydney Film Festival program announced yesterday and the guide will be in Friday's SMH. Just under a month to much film-going fun.
Early standouts (at a glance) expect more once I have had a chance to devour the program.

Jan Hrebejk's
Kawaski's Rose as his previous films have always been enjoyable
Gaylene Preston's Home by Christmas

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