Thursday, May 27, 2010

June Busy Blogfest

Last night LynS made the comment that she was planning to blog for every day in June as her life was so busy. I too am feeling the effects of a busy life at the moment, work has been incredibly crazy and my reaction has been to blog less. I find I am missing it and need a kick to really get back to thinking about it. As I will be continuing my tradition of blogging the film-festival every day I thought I would join Lyn in her plan to blog daily.

Blogging Plan

Sydney Film Festival 3rd (for me) - 14th of June
I will be trying to return to the 2008 Festival hey day - as apparently that was more memorable than the 2009 reviews.

Knitting Project - Susie Hoodie
The newly started, frogged and restarted Susie Hoodie. I will be trying to get through a reasonable amount of this jacket/coat in worsted weight yarn over the month of June.

I will be trying to get back into a more comprehensive Spinning effort. I have done very little in May (pretty much Since around the Birthday party in early May) when the wheel was put in a corner and has yet to re-emerge.

So I hope I can live up to the plan.


Sel and Poivre said...

For me, there's nothing like a plan, stated in public to help hit targets!

LynS said...

Wow! Now I'm publicly committed! Love the title - June Busy Blogfest. It'll be fun, won't it? Won't it???

jp said...

Of course it will be fun Lyn!

Bells said...

oh are you making it open to hangers on? I could be persuaded!

DrK said...

i love it when OTHER people do daily blog posts. i hated doing it myself, but it is a really good idea. cant wait to read it!

1funkyknitwit said...

I'll be looking forward to seeing what you and that wheel of yours produces ;D

Brenda said...

A goal made public is almost a goal achieved - for me at least. Hope it works for you as well.