Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monogomous Knitting and Stash Excavation

Since the completion of the Cardi and Socks I have been monogomously knitting La La's Simple Shawl in Wollemeise in a Teal, Brown, Navy, Green colourway. It is quite dark in tone and I need daylight to photograph it well. Work and family life have been busy so my knitting time has been limited so I just over halfway through (The target being knit to the end of the skein - about 570 yards in fingering weight).

But I do have some pics for you. I am planning to knit a Susie Hoodie and have had some Cascade 220 sitting aside for it for quite a while. I couldn't remember where it was and I had to pull out some bags and boxes stored in wardrobes and bookcases.

The result of my stash excavation
  • The Cascade
  • Hand-dyed yarn from our trip to Tassie about 3 years ago
  • Some miscellaneous yarn that needs to be sorted and stored properly.
Isn't the Cascade a gorgeous colour!

This is the hand-dyed 8 ply we picked up in Tassie. I really must do something with it.


missfee said...

mmm yummy purple and we are thinking monogamy in unison a the moment.

I am also love the hand dyed - what might it be....

Bells said...

oh you are doing well - monogamy is good isn't it? Yes, get to work on the stash finds. What fun!

DrK said...

oh cascade! that will look fantastic!! yes, i find project monogamy tends to get things finished quicker. weird that.